Naoki Hirokawa/博士課程在学 1974年 大阪出身
Naoki Hirokawa

Insights of Probabilistic Risk Assessment (PRA) is highly expected to enhance the safety for the Nuclear Power Plants (NPPs) as well as to optimize the overall safety management in Japan to reflect the lessons-learned from Fukushima Daiichi NPPs accident. It would be ideally needed to develop the full scope PRA including risk-significant internal/external hazards, combination of hazards with relevance, radioactive sources and all operational states meeting with the appropriate standards for the purpose. My concern is that such a PRA would be too exhausting to enhance the safety improvements continuously on site and there should be a lot of limitations and assumptions. I believe that we need more simple and intuitive approach for the short-term continuous improvements. I would like to research the approach with system safety concept to improve safety and manage risk considering the organizational and societal factors in the Yamaguchi lab.